Welcome letter by the new Secretary-General

Secretary-General - Norbert Czerniak

Dear friends, MUN enthusiasts, future UNISAMUNers,

It will be my great honour and pleasure to welcome you this October to the unique city  of Salerno, Italy, for the third edition of UNISAMUN, a Conference that has already impacted the MUN world.

Become a diplomat, lead global and regional institutions, and challenge international society! UNISAMUN is more than a gathering of young leaders and you will need to use all of your skills and acquire new ones in order to become the best of the best. You will be challenged by contentious topics, lobby for your designated country’s interests, negotiate possible compromises, and draft agreements, all of that while representing a country different from your own.

Dive into the ocean of possibilities! We not only welcome well-trained young diplomats, but also aspiring individuals who seek the opportunity to gain experience in diplomacy. Delegates will be able to choose between various committees with different profiles. You will be able to protect international peace and security, fight back economic inequalities, work to bring justice to international actors and much more. Our Secretariat will ensure a high quality of debate, and our rules of procedure will become one of the most powerful weapons in hands of skilful delegates. Furthermore, the special, tailor-made rules for our European committee will allow participants to grow into true European leaders.

UNISAMUN is more than a high level competition! You will leave Salerno enriched with new friendships, great memories and unique skills. Our Executive Committee will make sure that a variety of social events and other attractions shall allow you to easily integrate with all the participants. Mark my words! The fierce debates during the day will dissolve into collaborative and friendly celebrations in the evenings and all possible divisions will fade away, unveiling our deep similarities and diversity.

But be warned! Although Salerno is the host to the very first University of Medicine (La Scuola Medica Salernitana), we have mastered the art of infecting participants with the legendary MUN-virus that irretrievably changes our delegates forever, leading to the desire for more MUN experiences and driving them around the world in pursuit of great experiences, challenges and success.

Finally, the positive atmosphere of the vibrant city of Salerno, the charm of the famous Italian Amalfi and Cilento Coasts, and the breathtaking view from Vietri will truly amaze you. Whereas in many parts of Europe summer will have already left, the Mediterranean climate of southern Italy will provide you with the most comfortable conditions for the whole duration of UNISAMUN!

Please accept my personal invitation to attend this amazing MUN and I look forward to meeting you in October in the beautiful city of Salerno!

Norbert Czerniak
University of Salerno Model United Nations 2014

UNISAMUN 2014 Chairpersons applications are now closed

We are glad to inform you that we received 54 applications to become a chairperson at the UNISAMUN 2014 Conference! Chairpersons will be selected in the coming days, and will be ruling the following committees:

- Security Council

- Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

- Food and Agriculture Organization Council (FAO Council)

- European Council (applicants with both Model United Nations and Model European Union experience preferred)

- The Salerno Correspondent (application as Chief Editor)

UNISAMUN 2014 will take place between October 6th and 10th in Salerno, Southern Italy. Delegates applications are opening soon!